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Searching For the Perfect Hamster Cage

Hamsters are a common pet for children and they are easy to take care of, but not many people know what type of hamster cage they should be looking for.

A good hamster cage does not have to be expensive. Even a big one tend to cost less than thirty-five dollars. Instead of price, what you should be researching is security, ventilation and what comes with the hamster cage.


The most important thing to look for in a hamster cage is how secure it is. Hamsters have a knack for escaping out of their cages when no one is looking.

You should make sure you find a hamster cage that is escape proof. Look for flaws in hamster cages like cheap material that a hamster can chew through or wires that are too wide apart. Hamsters can get through even the tiniest of holes. If the cage looks flimsy, then there's a good chance your hamster can break out of it.


Choosing a big hamster cage over a small one is good in that there is more ventilation for your hamster. During hot weather a small cage can suffocate them like dogs in a car without a window cracked open. So find a cage that has open space. High humidity can heighten stress in new hamsters that you bring home and they can get pretty sick quickly, so ventilation is a big deal in a hamster cage.

A Deluxe Cage or No Frills Cage?

Some hamster cages offer everything with it including food, a water bottle, a hamster wheel, bedding and more. But there are also cages that comes with nothing. So when picking a hamster cage, know what you will be getting with it. If your cage has no water bottle, be sure to get one. Bedding is important too, so pick up hamster bedding if the cage does not come with it.

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