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Choosing Supplies For Your Dwarf Hamster

Whatever kind of pet you are going to adopt, one of the important things to consider is what type of supplies you will need in order to take care of your pet.

Owning a Dwarf hamster is not any different from owning any other type of pet; they still need the right types of supplies to be able to live comfortably in your home.

One of the most important supplies in regard to looking after a dwarf hamster is in obtaining a suitable cage.  Dwarf hamsters can adapt to many different types of  cages ,there are many different types of these available from your local pet store,you may like to consider obtaining a  wire or plastic enclosure or even an aquarium tank.

One of the important things to remember is to make sure that they will have plenty of space to run and play about in it.  Another important thing to consider about the size of the cage is if  two hamsters are purchased at the same time and you are going to house them in the same enclosure or if you purchase a baby hamster that will grow  slightly larger.

Yet another  important thing to consider is what you are going to place on the floor of the hamsters cage ,this is commonly known as a 'substrate'.  You should place an inch or two of this material across the floor of their cage.

Also if you were to build up this material to about four or five inches on either or both sides of the cage, it will give the dwarf hamster an interesting area to explore and dig.

Another great thing about dwarf hamsters is they can also be taught to use a litter box, to do this all you need to do is observe where in the cage are the most  droppings .

Then obtain a 'hamster potty' from a  pet supply store or even make your own out of the bottom of a plastic milk container (making sure the sides are not too tall).Then locate the potty in the same area where most of these dropping are.

 Don't forget  to put a small amount of either hay or pelleted newspaper cat litter but you should not use any sort of clay or clumping cat litter, because they can harm your dwarf hamster by causing digestive or even respiratory problems!

Another thing to consider about dwarf hamster supplies is chew toys.Chew toys are normally considered when buying a pet dog rather then a hamster but, chew toys can also play an important role in the world of the dwarf hamster. One interesting thing to remember is that Hamster  teeth are always continuing to grow.

It is important for the hamster to wear down their teeth (by chewing),if they do not do this then there is a good possibility that the hamster's teeth will grow so large that the little creature may not be able to close its mouth and there is a real possibility that it could starve.

There are many different types of chewing toys for hamsters and they come in a variety of shapes,sizes and colours Most  are made of soft wood.

 It is also important to keep an eye on these toys daily so that they stay clean and safe enough for the hamster to use. 

Make sure,also  that you supply your dwarf hamster with a fresh water supply.  A small water bottle that can hang on the side of its cage is a perfect idea for these small critters.  Most of them will learn fairly quickly  how to use these water containers.

 They will also help to keep the cages clean by reducing the risk of any substrate material ending up in a water bowl or from a bowl being accidentally knocked over.  Make sure  the water bottle is topped up daily.  Make sure that the water is fresh and also that the water container does not have any leaks. 

Another dwarf hamster supply to consider is to obtain a hamster house (or enclosure) that the hamster can make its own nest in.  Normally they are very shy creatures and like  a place to hide.  In general, most of  the supplies that you will need for your dwarf hamster are fairly easy and inexpensive enough to supply.

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