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Steps to Get a New Hamster - Taking Your Hamster Home

Bringing home your pet hamster can bean activity, which is extremely satisfying for you, and with adequate planning, you can make the whole experience a pleasurable and non traumatic one for the hamster.

Before leaving to pick it up, these few steps need to be followed:

1. Identify the spot or place where you will keep the hamster's home. The choice of place should not be in terms of how well you can show off your new pet. Look at a quiet place which does not have too much sunlight. 

2. Buy a home for your hamster - there are several options including glass and plastic aquariums and cages. Buy one which will protect the hamster, be well ventilated, and not give it an opportunity to chew its way out.

3. Plan the bedding. Suggested options are saw dust, wood shavings preferably Aspen or pine (never Cedar! As it can cause serious ailments), or just shredded paper. Whatever bedding is decided upon, remember to stock up on the same, as at least once a week you will have to throw the dirty bedding out and replace it with fresh bedding.

4. A water bottle which can be hung from the top of the cage with the mouth facing downwards. Hamsters drink a lot of water throughout the day, and thus, it is as important as food.

5. Packaged food, as it has all the required nutrients for the hamster.

6. A hamster wheel or ball - optional, to provide entertainment and exercise.

Once the above arrangements have been made, you are now ready to bring the pet hamster home. Go to the shop armed with a fairly big sized box which has ventilation. 

This is necessary to carry it back home with you. Pet shops may not have carry boxes, and if they do, they may charge you for the same. Line up the box with some fresh, juicy vegetables or fruits, as the hamster can eat and quench its thirst on its journey homewards.

It will be tempting to keep opening the box and showing the pet to different people. But this is not advisable, as it will be extremely disturbing and stressful for the hamster. Remember that a stressed out hamster tends to show signs of aggression.

Now you are really ready to welcome the hamster home. Pick it up with your hands, softly and tenderly, and hold it cupped inside your palms. Hopefully you have chosen a non aggressive one, as it is easier to home break it and lessen the trauma for the hamster.

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