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Hamster Cages - Choosing the Right Home for Your Hamster

When looking for your new dwarf hamster home, you may find it a bit difficult to make a decision. This is because there are so many different varieties of cages and homes to choose from that if you're not familiar with the ins and outs of each, you've surely got your work cut out for you.

The three main options for a dwarf hamster house are an aquarium, a metal cage, and a plastic habitat (plastic cage). Each of these options is different and each has its own pros and cons.

In this article I'll break down a few of the more important factors in choosing the right dwarf hamster cage and how each the three different homes play into these factors.

The first factor you need to consider when choosing a dwarf hamster cage is how much room you need. You should give your dwarf hamster a good amount of room so he doesn't feel so cooped up.

You'll need to take into consideration how many dwarf hamsters you will be housing as well as how many you plan to have down the line. You should have a general idea about the size of the cage before you start looking around.

Regardless of whether you choose an aquarium, metal cage, or plastic cage, you should be able to find one that fits your needs in terms of space.

The next thing you need to do is make sure the cage you choose is escape proof. This is a major concern because dwarf hamsters are extremely small and skittish.

This'll probably be a bigger concern with a metal cage and you'll need to make sure the bars are close enough together (the bars may need to be closer together than you might think). With an aquarium you shouldn't have a problem but you'll want to have a mesh net over the top as a precaution. With a plastic cage or habitat you'll just need to make sure it's put together well.

A few other considerations you'll want to make include ventilation and draft protection. A metal cage will have more ventilation than an aquarium or a plastic habitat. But alternatively a metal cage will have less protection from drafts.

Finally, you'll want to consider how easy the home is to clean as you'll need to do this every week. Aquariums are the easiest to clean while with a metal cage it might be difficult to clean between the bars. Plastic habitats aren't the easiest homes to clean either.

These are just a few of the considerations you'll need to make when choosing a dwarf hamster home. You'll be faced with many choices. A good first step is to think about a few of the factors listed above. Start with the first two, how much room you need and whether or not it's escape proof, see what fits your criteria, and go from there.

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