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Hamster Care Common Misconceptions - What You Didn't Know

Many people, especially busy parents, believe that they can adopt a dwarf hamster for their children instead of going through the traditional dog or cat pet ritual with them.

They believe that because these animals are small and can function well in a cage, they somehow require less attention than a pet dog or a cat.

If you're considering the adoption of a dwarf hamster based on this logic, I would strongly advise you not to adopt. The truth of the matter is that your average dwarf hamster requires as much, if not more, attention than your traditional pets.

First of all, the metabolism of this tiny creature demands that he receives plenty of exercise, more exercise than he can get on his own while living in his cage for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This means he'll need at least one hour a day of free-roaming time. This is essential and cannot be neglected any more than you can neglect taking your dog outside.

You must also take into consideration that the dwarf hamster is difficult to handle physically. Again, this tiny adorable body makes him a swift and agile creature. He'll "escape" from your arms in a heartbeat. Children, especially very young children, have a difficult if not impossible time holding them (of course there are methods and safety techniques that can be implemented). And this only creates a high level of frustration for them.

Another misconception people make about dwarf hamster care is that it's the same as all hamster care. This assumption is just not true. Sure, in some ways dwarf hamster care is the same as with all other hamsters (they're still hamsters after all) but in a lot of ways they need their own special and unique care.

A good analogy of how dwarf hamster care is both different yet similar to hamster care can be seen in the care of dogs. All dogs need to be walked, they all eat dog food, etc. the same way all hamsters (including dwarf hamsters) have similar care requirements. But not all dogs are the same. Bull dogs need to be cared for differently than other dogs (ie. they need extra attention when cleaning due to sensitive skin and their face wrinkles) and in the same vein dwarf hamsters need to be cared for differently than other hamsters (mostly because of their incredibly small size).

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