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How to Bathe Hamsters - Is It Safe to Bathe a Hamster?

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Does your hamster look dirty or smell so bad that you want to bathe it? How can you give your hamster a bath the best and safest way? This guide is going to help you find out how...

It happens sometimes that your hamsters smells bad. First, you want to check and make sure it's the hamster itself and not the cage. If it is the case, here is how you can bathe your hamster...

Warning about Bathing Your Hamster

Before showing you how to give your hamster a bath, it's only fair to let you know about the facts. Because there are some risks and dangers about it that you should know.

It's very likely that your hamster gets a chill from being wet during the bath and die. That's why you don't want to give it a bath unless absolutely necessary.

Your hamster should never need to have a bath. Try keeping the cage clean. If the cage is dirty and smells, it will transfer to your hamster and you may think the smell is from him, while it's actually from the cage.

So by keeping the cage clean, your hamster will never need a bath. This means touching up daily, and changing all of the bedding weekly.

If there is something sticky or toxic on your hamster, make sure there is no other way to remove it. If your long-haired hamster has gum in its fur, you might be able to simply cut it out.

How to Bathe Your Hamster

Knowing the risks now, if you still think you absolutely have to bathe your hamster, here's the best way...

Bathing Your Hamster

1. Get a bowl and fill it with one or two inches of lukewarm water.

2. Very gently, moisten your hamster, taking care to keep the water away from your hamster's face area.

3. If water alone will not remove the toxic and/or sticky substance, you can use a very small amount of the mildest baby shampoo you can find. Be very careful to keep the suds away from your hamster's face.

4. Rinse your hamster.

5. Place your hamster on a towel and gently pat it dry. (Do NOT use a hairdryer)

6. Give your hamster a seed and put it back in its cage to sleep off its annoyance.

Important Tips and Warnings Before You Bathe Your Hamster

  • Do this on a warm day if you can, as hamsters are very susceptible to chills.
  • Do not put the hamster back in its cage until it is completely dry.
  • Hamsters actually bathe themselves by licking. 
  • There is no good reason you should ever have to do this. Don't let your hamster near anything toxic. Don't spill things on your hamster. Don't let your hamster run around in the garage. Don't attach gum to your hamster. Life is weird and stuff happens, but a little common sense goes a long way.
  • Hamsters are, as mentioned above, very susceptible to chills. If you give your hamster a bath, it can catch a chill and die. Do not give your hamster a bath unless it is absolutely necessary.

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